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Revell Re-Issue Dracula Conversion

Winner in the Diorama/Conversion category built and painted by Bob Jaconetti

I have used the Revell Re-issue of Dracula and decided to reposition his two arms
and give him the traditional pose that everyone expected from the Aurora boxart but
never actually got with the kit. This required me to reposition both arms and then
also to reposition a few fingers on his right hand in the “trance” pose.
I also had to re-sculpt the cape as his lower arm needed to be covered for a more
natural look. I used AVES Apoxie Sculpt to do all this work.

I also used Tom Parker (Cult of Personality) replacement head of Bela Lugosi. I also used Rick Evans (Night-Owl Models)
replacement base…as depicted on the Aurora boxart.

I added part of the tree from the original kit as well as some grass as seen in the cracks of the floor and the bat and spider.
I even included his ring and also added a candlestick to the scene as if whomever he is setting
his trance on may have dropped it on the floor.

I used Tamiya Acrylics and Testors paint on the kit.

Death of Dracula

built and painted by Denis “ McDee” McDougall

A little bit about the build...I added extra bats and Tree branches from another Dracula kit
(new) and also an illuminated Moon behind the "Hanging Tree" an old Aurora Prototype (behind Dracula)
I also had to bend Draculas' right hand and fingers to make him grasp the stake, a little heat helped
here I also fashioned a new Ring for his left hand and used a 3mm faceted acrylic jewel for the
ruby red stone. I think the new sculpt of Draculas' face really adds to the expression of horror on Draculas face

The Mummy's Hand

built and painted by Mark McGovern

The head and right hand have been resculpted, and the right arm repositioned, to represent
Tom Tyler as he appeared in The Mummy's Hand (1940). The kit base has been extensively altered to suggest the Temple of Karnak
set from the movie; there is more to it but the walls would have made it difficult to photograph the figure, so I am only
showing the floor with my entry. That's an aftermarket resin nameplate from "Headless Fritz" on the step.